COVID-19: Cuba 1 / Florida 5,511 new cases on the same day.

Cuba and Florida

In Miami, disinformation and defamation campaigns continue to be orchestrated against the expertise of Cuban doctors and the work they do around the planet. Perhaps the Cubans in Florida should be more concerned with the 5,511 new positive cases of COVID-19 that are reported today, as a new record for the State. Or even more concerned about the 43 deaths that occurred yesterday from the same cause.

Cuba: 1 dead in 1 week from COVID-19

Meanwhile in Cuba, the scientific advances in the field of health, achieved throughout the decades of the Revolution and despite the shortages that cause us so much damage, have managed to stop the advance of the pandemic and are preparing to declare the territory FREE of coronavirus.


Cuba today reports one positive case. In the last seven days, the loss of life of one person due to the disease is regretted , as reported by the Ministry of Public Health .

On June 17, an 84-year-old Cuban citizen, a resident of the Habana Vieja municipality, demised. The man had a history of high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart disease and chronic kidney desease.

He had worsening dyspnea, sweating, and tachycardia. Later he was intubated and ventilated in a controlled mode. He suffered cardiorespiratory arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation manoeuvres were performed, which sadly were not effective.

The MINSAP (Cuban Health Ministery) conveyed condolences to the patient´s families and friends through an official note published every day on its website.

Cuba: 1 dead in 1 week from COVID-19. (Second time)

Coincidentally, no other deaths had been recorded since June 10, (seven days between one tragic event and another)

It was an 80-year-old man residing in the Arroyo Naranjo municipality, Havana province. Her clinical history included a history of high blood pressure, dilated cardiomyopathy, and chronic kidney disease.

He was admitted to the Therapy Room for comorbidities (refers to when the patient presents more than one disease at the same time).

Medicine in Cuba

He presented moderate dyspnea. Chest X-ray was performed which showed congestive-looking lesions. The echocardiogram showed an cardiac ejection fraction of 20%. later on the dyspnea worsened and low blood pressure appeared.

This person also suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest and resuscitation maneuvers were performed, but it was not possible to save him.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and up to the date of this report, 85 people have died in Cuba for this cause. None of them due to lack of medical care or because not all possible resources have been available to them.


We urge those Cuban from Florida, living in a glass bubble, to demand that the authorities allocate the money from the taxes they usurp, in favour of the people and not of the multimillion-dollar corporations that so far have done nothing for them.

They should be concerned about demanding an increase in the minimum wage and a reduction in the cost of the rent. Explain to the EU Regime that every woman has the right to decent maternity and that the fact of being pregnant should not be an excuse to be expelled from her job, but a fundamental reason to protect her well-being and that of her family. Health care is a Human Right that must be guaranteed by every nation.

Remind the forgetful that the North defeated the South more than 150 years ago by abolishing the exploitation of some men over others simply because of the difference in skin color. Therefore, neither the flags of the vanquished should ever be flown nor should their confederate generals be venerated in statues.

Fight to create a better society where you live and do not worry so much about Cuba, that we Cuba take care of ourselves, the good Cubans, the new pines, the real ones, those who even dead will know how to raise our arms to defend our flag if any day, we would see it «broken into small pieces».

Cuba Covid-19 data
Cuba COVID-19 data