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El acceso y el uso de la página web opinionam.com están regida por los siguientes Términos y Condiciones.

General conditions

The website opinionam.com is an Internet service provided by the autonomous non-profit organization «Opinion AM». By entering this website the user accepts the Terms and Conditions dictated by it.

The organization reserves the right to change them at any time. In this case, the changes will become part of these conditions. Users are responsible for checking regularly to check for changes.

The use of the page after the announcement of changes or updates to the Terms of Use constitutes their acceptance.

Use of the materials on our page

The website opinionam.com is published under the legislation of the State of Nevada, USA .

Any action that involves the transmission of offensive or obscene materials or leads to errors in the normal operation of the page, is strictly prohibited.

The organization Opinion AM is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use, loss or misuse of data, loss of benefits, negligence or other relative circumstances resulting from the use of the website.

The organization Opinion AM does not guarantee the constant availability of the services and materials on the page, nor the lack of defects and errors in the system and their correction.

Nor does it guarantee the usefulness, accuracy and veracity of the materials on the web. The information not provided is not intended for legal, academic or health advice use.

The user has the obligation to verify the authenticity of the information provided before making use of them.

The use of these elements on the web at no time will be considered as a license or authorization for the consecutive use of any trademark or patent or another type of intellectual property belonging to the organization Opinion AM.

Other rules on the use of the web

Sometimes visitors will be able to find other rules related to specific material on the website, such as contests, promotions and specific services, which may conflict with these Terms and Conditions. In the latter case, the particular rules of such events are considered a priority.

Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions take effect at the time the user enters the web. The use of the website of opinionam.com implies the knowledge and full acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of use.

The user can only use the website and its services if they agree to accept the aforementioned Terms and Conditions without restrictions.

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